September 4 – 6, 2019


Join us for this once in a lifetime experience with

International makeup artists



Alex Box will mesmerise you with her unique approach to art. Watch and feel as her art comes to life with light, textures and raw emotion. Alex exudes an artistic talent that is unmatched and inspires so many generations of artists world wide. For the FIRST TIME in any workshop, she will show her signature techniques and looks that made her a household name in the world of makeup.



Roshar, known for flawless skin and meticulous attention to detail, he will give you a reason to push yourself.  In his no fear approach to every face, his unique style of colour placement, play on light and non traditional beauty will inspire you to reach for different colour, tools and textures. His work has been published globally in VOGUE, Harpers BAZAAR, ELLE, GLAMOUR, and InStyle magazine.


Day 1


Welcome Session

Alex and Roshar


Group 1

Alex Box

Alex will show and discuss how her signature looks came about, she will break down each look in detail and make sure you can be inspired to create your own look with her unique techniques.  From negative to positive space, hard and soft lines and the sensitive balance between it all, she will leave nothing behind. She brings a bright spirit and gives so much that you will leave the experience renewed, inspired and ready to unleash all of your creative dreams!

  • She will bring her Alex Box of Cards for part of her demonstration
  • She will share how & why she created her looks, inspiration and flow
  • She will demonstrate in detail her signature techniques (such as, but not limited to) like Blow Motion, Burnishing, Pearls, Heart shaped face, using one color for the entire look, line work, contrast texture and shape, wigs and pieces, costume and so much more
  • She will share a specific technique and the attendees will then practice that technique before putting it into their look
  • She brings meditation, calm energy and music to each session
  • We will have loads on non traditional products to use in the looks
  • You will then set up your kit to create your own look based on the techniques she has taught
  • She will work with each person to make sure they understand the techniques


Group 2


Roshar will share his techniques and show you how to take your artistry to the next level. From flawless sculpted skin to glamour to fantasy and beyond, this masterclass will allow you the freedom to experiment and perfect your craft. Whether you work in Bridal, Commercial, Editorial, or Fantasy Roshar‘s technique’s will apply to all of your jobs and clients. He is generous with information and will do a thorough Q & A after the session.  Roshar will guide and support you through the hands on skill practice so you can leave with confidence and the utmost understanding of how to create looks that will wow your clients. Don’t miss this chance to train with one of the most sought after artists in our industry!

  • He will demonstrate up to 3 looks covering his signature techniques including, but not limited to: Skin perfecting, sculpting and contouring for editorial, eyebrow blocking and bleaching, changing lip shapes, adding non makeup elements to the look, styling the entire look with wardrobe, accessories, wigs and background, discussing lighting and positioning for editorial photography, highlighting the highlight, understanding global references and so much more
  • You will set up your professional kit to then create your own look with the techniques Roshar has shared under his guidance. You can work on a colleague or bring your own model
  • He will assign challenges to you ‘in the moment’ so that you can navigate how editorials & bridal are run in the real world
  • He will share signature skin techniques that can be used on civilian clients like Brides and special event clients
  • He will have an unadulterated Q & A so you can ask ANYTHING




Practical Workshop

HANDS ON practical workshop, meaning you will do makeup, not just watch. Hands on will be 4+ hours and then some.





Tamale Studios

47 & 47B Gadd St Northcote VIC 3070 Melbourne Australia
+61 0417 118 279

Travelling from Interstate?

Email Maqpro Australia to discuss accomodation.


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Save A Seat


  • September 4 & 5 Two Day Workshop with the Masters
  • Hands On Session 4+ Hours
  • Gift Bag (Valued over $100)
  • Attendees receive a 30% discount from Maqpro Australia

Paid In Full


  • September 4 & 5 Two Day Workshop with the Masters
  • Hands On Session 4+ Hours
  • Gift Bag (Valued over $100)
  • Attendees receive a 30% discount from Maqpro Australia

Alex Box


  • September 6th Private 1:1 with Alex Box
  • Hands On Session 1 Hour
  • You may purchase more than one hour

*You must be a PAID attendee on September 4 & 5 course in order to book a one on one class



  • September 6th Private 1:1 with Roshar
  • Hands On Session 1 Hour
  • You may purchase more than one hour

*You must be a PAID attendee on September 4 & 5 course in order to book a one on one class




  • Must be a professional makeup artist
  • Must have impeccable sanitation habits
  • Must bring positive energy
  • Must have a great attitude and be open to absorbing new skills


  • Notepad and pen
  • Professional makeup kit and brushes
  • BYO Lunch & Drinks kitchen facilities available
  • Camera optional

How Long is the Event?

September 4 & 5 

Session time 10:00am start – 6:30pm end (Lunch 1:00pm)

September 6

Session times from 9:00am – 6:00pm

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds allowed unless the artist cancels the class due to unforeseen circumstances. (We are not responsible for any other expenses you may have incurred to attend one of our classes, including any travel related expenses.) 

Note tickets are issued to an individual and are not transferable between sessions/days.