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Terri Tomlinson is a Dallas based Makeup Artist, Global Educator, Owner of Makeup Training Academy and Creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. Terri has personally trained hundreds of professional Makeup Artists worldwide.




Terri opened Makeup Training Academy in Dallas in 2010 offering professional makeup training to new and existing artists. Classes are technically focused so artists can work in all mediums. She also works with brands on creating education as well as development.

In 2017 Terri created The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ for her students to use while in class. The wheel was an instant success and changed the way Terri worked with colour theory. Colour Theory in neutral brings the principles of colour theory to life for the working makeup artist. It is brilliant! The success of the wheel and Terri’s method has led to working with brands, schools and artists all over the world.

Makeup Artist

Terri is a working makeup artist with over 30 years in the industry. She creates makeup for print, video, Television, film and the real world. She is best known for clean beauty and camera-ready makeup.

As a working makeup artist, Terri began her career working with lines like Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives. Later after studying makeup for camera at MUD she began working in the production industry. There she created super natural camera ready makeup for all mediums, focusing on HD and commercial print.

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